How To Practice Reading & Free Media Players.

Today I’m going to quickly share some of my best study methods and my favorite (they are also Free!) media software applications.

How To Practice Reading:

Once you’ve got a start on the Russian Alphabet, read slowly and methodically. Don’t worry about speed, read each letter, then read each syllables, then read each word. If your reading words without a general understanding of how to determine the syllable breaks, you will likely have problems.

Read without understanding: Don’t focus on word meanings in the beginning. The initial focus should be on pronouncing each letter, then each syllable, and lastly the words.

 Reading Parallel Text: Read text where you can see both English and Russian versions simultaneously. Make sure you can trust the accuracy of the translation (Google translate doesn’t qualify). This will build up your vocabulary

 Repetitive Reading: Read each story at least a few times, slowly and methodically. You will pick up more as you progress. This will build up your vocabulary and develop proper grammar skills.

 Shadow Reading: Read along out loud with an audio recording of the text you are reading. Match the intonation, pitch and pace of the recording. Initially adjust the playback speed to as slow as possible, where you can still understand the words, then increase the speed to normal as you gain proficiency.

Reading for understanding: Read a sentence, understand what each word means, and then paraphrase it back into English. If you try to translate word for word, you’ll get messed up on the grammar.

 Use a tutor or find a language exchange partner: Practice reading for them, and when your done, they can correct the words you’ve mispronounced.

Free Media Players:

Pot Player:
Plays audio and video, with almost every feature you can think of (subtitles, speed control).

Plays almost all audio and video formats; versions available for Windows, Mac, Linux.

With “tvaddons” you’ll have access to all the Russian TV you need

Good, simple audio recording player. Great for play lists.

 Foxit Reader:
A must have for your .pdf files with embedded audio

If your stuck with a strange video format, just convert it.

See you soon.
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