Q. Who are we?

Jim Howell
(Джим Хоуэлл)

A. We are a collective of bilingual English – Russian speakers.  Some of us are native-English, some of us are native-Russian language speakers.

We provide language instruction to persons interested in learning a second language. (English or Russian)

We provide polished, accurate translations for commercial websites as if they were originally written by native language speakers.

To translate a polished truly bilingual website worthy of a native speaker, we focus on the meaning and intent of the original text. We recognize cultural differences and language idioms. It is very rare (“expensive”) to find a non-native translator that is able to match the skill level of a native speaker. We provide an economical solution to international business that need a professional business-like presence in both English and Russian languages.

Q. Why I shouldn’t just learn the Russian language for free online? (or even with software programs)

A. It is possible to learn without paying for a tutor, or coach, or software programs. But, maybe a better question is: “How can I be most efficient with my money and time, and still achieve my goal of learning the Russian Language?” If you try to save money, it will cost you time.  The best position is to find a good balance between a low cost, and high quality tutor. 

Q. Why you should not just use computer based language translators for website translations?

A. Here are several important reasons:

1. Language rules are full of exceptions, and you might end up saying the opposite of what you intended.

2. Languages have cultural implications that cannot be addressed by computer based language translators.

3. Languages often contains “idioms” that when translated word for word, have no logical meaning in the new language.

4. Business need to present accurate, confusion-free translations to their foreign language customers. Especially if they want to avoid misunderstandings, and inadvertent damage to their business reputation.  A cleanly written translation inspires confidence in the mind of a potential customer. When all other factors are equal the customer will do business with a company that has taken the time to most effectively communicate in the customers native language.

Q. Do you offer additional services beyond language instruction and website translation?

A. Yes! We can:

1. Provide direction regarding the style and grammatical correctness of your foreign language translation.  – Perhaps simply polish a well written, existing translation.

2. Compare the original language version with an existing translation to ensure the meaning was preserved. – Re-translate where necessary.

3. Provide a complete translation from the primary language to a foreign language translation. – Translations verified by native language speakers.

4. Provide consultation services regarding alternative translations and foreign language company branding. – To avoid embarrassing inferences in the foreign language.

5. Provide .pdf translations for corporate documents. – Price lists, product descriptions.