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Our competitive and efficient methods focus on using dedicated, native speaking, skilled professionals to provide superior quality results.

  • Translation and proofreading
    • Websites
    • Personal correspondence
    • Video subtitles
  • Desktop publishing documents
    • Resume and curriculum vitae
    • Cover letters
    • Catalogs
    • Price lists
    • Description sheets
    • Business cards
    • Equipment manuals


All translators are native speakers in the assigned target language.

  • Source documents in all standard formats are acceptable (http:// address, .pdf, .doc, .xls, .png, .jpg).
  • Translation total is based on electronic word count of the English text documents. (
  • 50% deposit of the estimated total cost is required before we can start working on the project.
  • Payment is due in full prior to delivery of finished product. (We accept Paypal or MoneyGram)
  • So that our spelling is consistent with any existing translations, please identify any specific English or Russian spelling preferences:
    • Names or company branding referred to in documents (last name, first name, patronymic)
    • European or American spelling



Personal Correspondence:

  • Standard documents $0.07 per word
  • Short documents (under 250 words) $0.10 per word
  • Minimum $10 fee for documents of less than 100 words
  • Handwritten originals  $0.12 per word
  • Non-Cyrillic (“phonetic”) Russian originals  $0.15 per word


Our business translation rates take into consideration various factors involved in the translation process, such as:

  • Level of service required
    • Proofreading an existing translation
    • Translating from a source language
    • Translating with an additional independent proofreading
  • Complexity of the subject matter – is any additional research required on the part of the translation team due to industry specific terminology.
  • Original document format attributes
    • Do images need editing of text elements?
    • Are there complicated flowcharts and/or elaborate tables?
  • Special software tools required
    • Are special software packages or sophisticated drawing utilities required?
  • General quality of the original
    • Is the source document in digital form, a scanned document or a hard copy on paper?
    • Is the source a clear or not so clear fax copy?
    • Is the source a faded handwritten document?
  • Does the project size allow for a discount?
  • What are the time limits to the project?
  • General estimates for non-personal translations
    • Translation of text only, non-technical websites – typically $0.10 per word
    • Additional proofreading by independent translator – typically $0.06 per word
    • Technical language translation – typically $0.15 per word

We will gladly provide you with a free translation cost estimate. We would need to see a representative sample of the source document, or the entire document. When requesting a quote, please provide details on the scope of the project and time limits for completion if known.

How to Proceed:

Submit your contact information, source documents (if desired) and any special instructions to:

  • We will respond with a project quotation, and/or further instructions.
  • Upon we receiving your deposit we will complete the work. The electronic word count on the English document (source or target) will determine the final price.
  • You will receive the completed work via email when full payment has been received.
  • For source and target documents over 10Mb in size, we use the trusted and secure ‘Dropbox’ file transfer system
    • it is not necessary for you to have a Dropbox account
  • When the work is complete, you will receive your translation and the translator’s report.

Superior quality is our primary goal.